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Pharmaceuticals / Medical Devices

Main Products
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Anerrum Inj

Category Minerals (Iron preparation & Antianemic agent)
Composition Ferric hydroxide sucrose comples 540mg/1ml (20mg as Iron)
Packing Unit
5ml/amp x 5amp
Treatment of Iron deficiency anemia in the following patients:
- Patient that oral iron therapy is ineffective or impracticable
- Patient that therapy efficacy is doubtable due to lower of medications compliance

Immualpha Inj

Category Other Immunostimulrants
Composition Thymosin alpha 1 1.6mg/1vial
Packing Unit
1vial x 2 + 1vial (Diluent) x 2
Co-adjunct to influenza vaccination in elderly immunocompromised patient

Selenew-one Inj/ Oral solution

Category Minerals (“Sodium Selenite”)
Composition Sodium Selenite Phentahydrate 0.166mg/1ml (Inj)
Sodium Selenite Phentahydrate 0.332mg/2ml (Oral solution)
Packing Unit
10ml/vial x 10vials, 20ml/vial x 10vials
2ml/pouch x 15, 2ml/pouch x 20, 10ml/pouch x 10
Selenium supply to selenium deficiency patients who cannot be supplemented by daily dietary routines